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Sandwick Bay Guest House

Lews Castle

Lews Castle: This 19th-century castle is a must-visit attraction in Stornoway. It sits atop a hill and offers stunning views of the surrounding area. The castle is now a museum and hosts a range of exhibitions.

Stornoway Harbour

Stornoway Harbour: The harbour is a bustling hub of activity with fishing boats, ferries and pleasure boats coming and going. It is a great place to take a walk and enjoy the fresh sea air.

An Lanntair

An Lanntair: This is a cultural centre in Stornoway that hosts a range of events, including live music, theatre, cinema, and exhibitions.

The Lewis War Memorial

The Lewis War Memorial: Located in the centre of Stornoway, the war memorial is a poignant reminder of the island's sacrifices during the First and Second World Wars.

The Blackhouse Museum

The Blackhouse Museum: This museum provides a fascinating insight into the way of life in the Outer Hebrides in times gone by. It is housed in a traditional blackhouse, a type of house that was once common in the area.

The Callanish Stones

The Callanish Stones: This prehistoric site is located around 20 miles from Stornoway but is definitely worth a visit. The site features a complex of standing stones, believed to have been erected around 5000 years ago.

The Isle of Lewis Chessmen

The Isle of Lewis Chessmen: These 12th-century chess pieces were discovered in Lewis in the early 19th century and are now on display at the British Museum in London. However, replicas of the pieces can be seen at the Museum nan Eilean in Stornoway.

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Local Stornoway butcher, suppliers of the original and best Stornoway Black Pudding

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